• We are open Monday- Friday, 9am-5pm
    • Holiday hours can be unique but notice will be given on email signatures and phone messages. We always close at 3:00 pm on the Friday before a holiday weekend.
    • Double rubs are a measurement of a fabric’s abrasion resistance.
    • For a high traffic residential home, every 3,000 double rubs is equivalent to roughly 1 year until noticeable wear and tear. This means if a fabric has 18,000 double rubs, you can expect it to last 6 years or more without signs of normal wear and tear. Commercial upholstery will typically require a minimum of 30,000 double rubs.
    • Fabric is usually 54” Wide. This means the 2 selvages of the fabric are 54” apart, horizontally.
    • Double wide fabrics come 118”- 133” wide. The 2 selvages of the fabric are 118” apart horizontally.
    • When hanging typical 54” fabric as drapery there must be a seem every 54”. The benefit of a double wide fabric is that if your windows are less than 133” high you have the option to use a double wide fabric seamlessly, if you hang it vertically, thus railroading.
    • We typically will complete a shop in 24-48 hours and mail them out. IF urgency is required please call the office. 954.925.1133
    • When ordering wall coverings the most important thing to ask about is width, repeat (if there is one) and how it’s packaged. Some wallcoverings are sold by the roll with varying roll sizes and others are sold by the yard.
    • We recommend giving your installer the width and roll size of the wall coverings chosen so they can accurately tell you the amount needed.
    • Grass cloth is not recommended in a bathroom. Any type of natural fiber would not bode well in a high humidity and steam filled bathroom. Powder rooms on the other hand would be fine.
    • Should I back my fabric?
      Backing fabrics will increase the seam strength and stability of the fabric during the upholstering process. Some fabrics require it while others don’t. We recommend asking the work room upholstering the fabric if this is necessary for the fabric you have chosen.